Herman Jacobs - Kunstschilder

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Anton van Wilderode & Marcel Pira - Herman Jacobs Kunstschilder - Wommelgem - Uitgeverij Den Gulden Engel - 1986 - 1st edition - 144pp - Cloth binding - 23 x 25 cm.

Condition: Excellent - SIGNED by the artist (with dedication). Added: relevant newspaper clippings.

Catalog / monograph of the Belgian Roman Catholic artist Herman Jacobs (1921-1994). Illustrated with colour reproductions, always with a description of the work. Published on the occasion of the retrospective exhibition in the Abbey of Averbode (Brabant). Hardcover edition. Scarce publication - not available in public collections.

¶ Herman Jacobs was a painter and draftsman who studied at AKA in Antwerp (Léon Brunin) and became professor of painting at the Scuola Svizzera in Rome where he held an atelier in the Vatican: Jacobs was portrait painter (court painter) of three popes after life (Pius XII, Pope Paul VI and John Paul II), thanks to which his work gained a place of honor in the museums of the Vatican.

In his art Herman Jacobs was inspired by his very personal, intuitive perception, which is externalized in a sacred, dreamy transcendence. The subconscious is translated in colour and light, in transparency and reflections.

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