Kees Koeman - Kauwtjes

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Kees Koeman - Kauwtjes - [Haarlem - N.publ. - ca 1930] - Graphic artwork: Woodcut engraving on paper - 16,5 x 23 cm.

Condition: Good.

Romantic print with a winter image of two jackdaws in the moonlight on a branch covered with snow, by the Haarlem artist Cornelis Adrianus 'Kees' Koeman (1895-1954). Signed in the block with monogram K; with pencil entitled 'Kouwtjes' bottom left and bottom right hand signed on the original passe-partout. In a wooden frame (30 x 40.5 cm.), according to the label on the reverse side, supplied by 'Lijstenfabriek S. Bonte Kunsthandel, Noordeinde 34 te Leiden'.

¶ Cf. Scheen I p. 621: Koeman, a student of H.J. Wesseling, painted and drew and made woodcuts (especially birds). Nice fact to know : Unlike the larger crows (Corvus corone), jackdaws (Corvus monedula) always stay with the same mate. Jackdaws can therefore almost always be seen together in a couple.

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