Joop Hoek [ed.] - Rosie nummer 108 - 9e Jaargang. De Zak van Sinterklaas

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Joop Hoek [red.] - Rosie nummer 108 - 9e Jaargang. Het blad dat kontakten legt: De Zak van Sinterklaas - Rotterdam - Uitgeverij IPO - [November] 1978 - 1st edition - [124] pp - Stapled wrappers - 15 x 22 cm.

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Dutch 1970s vintage sex booklet with pornographic stories, 'letters from readers', black and white nude photography, a 'centerfold' poster, colour porn pictures and personal ads (with amateur photos).

¶ This issue with a blonde model in a Hawaiian shirt and a Banzai SKATEBOARD in her arms on the cover, erotic horoscope, film review ('Naked came the Stranger') and on p. 36-41 a gift section 'De Zak van Sinterklaas' with Sex Toys (dildos, vibrators) and exciting nightwear.

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