J.C. Bloem - De Nederlaag. Gedichten

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J.C. Bloem - De Nederlaag. Gedichten - Haarlem - Joh. Enschedé en Zonen - 1937 - 1st edition - [46] pp - Cloth binding - 12,5 x 21 cm. - Design: [Jan van Krimpen]

Condition: Good - 'touched by the poet' (see description below).

Collection of poems by Jacques Bloem (1887-1967). Text printed on Pannekoek paper provided by P. Proost & Zoon. Hardback first edition in blue cloth binding with gilded ornament (printer's mark) on the cover and title on the spine.

This copy was enriched by the poet with an additional unpublished poem in his handwriting: "Een nederlaag / Is meest het leven / Laat het zijn vaag / Het is [omschreven?]".

Below this dedication is Bloem's SIGNATURE, dated 'Mrt 38'. The signature does not resemble Bloem's usual neat italics at all. Yet it is authentic. Comment from handwriting expert Fokas Holthuis [transl.]: "It looks a bit strange, but it is undoubtedly from Bloem himself. [...] he was probably drunk (as he was often). Those lines running so strange and becoming illegible can also mean that he wrote it with the book in one hand. [...] Nice find!"

¶ Inlaid is a contemporary newspaper clipping with letter or column by M.t.B. (Menno ter Braak): 'Een Nederlaag?' about the little fight that Ed. Hoornik and JC Bloem had regarding the award of the C.W. van der Hoogtprijs to Hoornik by means of a draw.

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