James Montgomery - Pan Am's First Moon Flights Club [membership card]

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James Montgomery - Pan Am's First Moon Flights Club [membership card] - Amsterdam - Pan American World Airways - [1969] - 1e druk - Ticket & letters in envelope - 23 x 11,5 cm.

Condition: Excellent - number 46559.

Original ticket that officially put people on the waiting list for the first commercial moon trips that the American airline would provide. This copy is in the name of the Dutch master bookbinder Mr. Hans Zegveld (1949-).

This collector's item comes with two typed (standard) letters from Donald E. Taylor, Pan Am director for the Netherlands, resp. dated August 11 and October 24, 1969: [Transl.] "Dear First Moon Traveler [...]. When the first flight will take place is not yet known. [...] Rates are likely to be sky high.[...] We kindly request you to to have patience [...]."

However, Hans's patience has run out after more than 50 years of waiting and that is why this unique plane ticket is now for sale. The First Moon Flights Club was a bold but initially serious marketing campaign that ran from 1968 to 1971. The names of 93,000 travelers, including Ronald Reagan (and Hans) are still preserved somewhere. But no one knows where, Pan Am went bankrupt in 1991. MUSEAL SPACE EPHEMERA!

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