H.R. Giger - Giger's Alien. Film Design 20th Century Fox

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H.R. Giger - Giger's Alien. Film Design 20th Century Fox - London - Big O Publishing - 1979 - 1st edition - 72 pp - Paper wrappers - 30 x 30 cm. - Design: H.R. Giger.

Condition: Moderate / vulnerable - with AUTOGRAPH of Giger (see notes below).

Overview of the artwork of the Swiss visual artist Hansruedi Giger (1940-2014) for the alien monster and the sets of the SF Horror film 'Alien' by director Ridley Scott. Illustrated with reproductions, film stills and photos in colour and black and white. With Foreword by Timothy Leary. Softcover edition.

This copy with a signed dedication from the artist to writer Simon Vinkenoog (whose poems were included in Giger's Necronomicon).

¶ Vinkenoog has used the book heavily (the spine is damaged, the covers are battered and creased. But authentic item. Added are : 1. A newspaper clipping 'Filmen is géén teamwork' [= Filming is not teamwork] with an interview by Jip Golsteijn with Scott; 2. HR Giger card (Spiegelbild, 1977) from 1980; Flyer for Ausstellung 'Spacejockey' (1980); 4. Card with artwork and invitation on the reverse for a workshop on the film in Kunsthaus Zurich with notes in the handwriting of Simon Vinkenoog (24 Sept. 1980).

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