Joost Veerkamp - Het Postzegelalbum van Joost Veerkamp

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Joost Veerkamp - Het Postzegelalbum van Joost Veerkamp - Amsterdam - Uitgeverij Thomas Rap - 1988 - 1st edition - [6], [102] pp - Cloth ringbinder in box - 24 x 27 cm.

Condition: Good - (No. 673, SIGNED by Joost Veerkamp). Some faint spots on the cover.

Blue linen album, bound with screw closure, filled - as far as possible - with specially designed colour stamps, divided into various sections. Edition: 1000 copies, numbered and with SIGNATURE of the artist. Housed in linen goldstamped case.

Wonderful philatelic / bibliophile / conceptual art project by the Dutch illustrator Joost Veerkamp (1953-). His style, together with that of Joost Swarte, is called 'de Klare Lijn' (the Clear Line), strongly inspired by the work of Hergé. Therefore it is no surprise that various Tintin (parody) stamps were included. In addition, we find i.a. the Dutch football heroes of '88 (incl. Rinus Michels, Marco van Basten), caricatures of Willem Frederik Hermans, Annie MG Schmidt, Kees van Kooten, De Kameleon, Pim Pandoer, C. Joh Kieviet (Dik Trom) and 18+ material (eroticism), sex).

¶ The album was released in pieces and parts, with a yearly supplement becoming available with new stamps. Sometimes too little, sometimes too much of them. The publisher seems to have made every effort to make collecting as difficult as possible, as is also apparent from the inserts with complicated instructions. These albums will often be incomplete. Actually as is the case with real stamp albums. Incidentally, the project (in 2021) is still ongoing and stamps can sometimes be reordered at

Our copy contains an introduction (3 sheets) and 51 sheets of which the first 12 sheets are completely filled with 76 stamps. Loosely added are 5 supplements: 1. The first supplement (only a belly band, two stamps, (Ruud Gullit and Desi Bouterse)and a handkerchief); 2. The 3rd suppl .: a sheet with 28 stamps; 3. The 5th suppl .: a sheet with 49 stamps; 4. The 6th suppl .: a sheet with 42 stamps; 5. The 8th suppl.: a sheet with 42 stamps (unopened!). Together a TOTAL of 239 pieces.


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