Simon Vinkenoog - Het Medicyn-wiel [and 'Mandala']

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Simon Vinkenoog - Het Medicyn-wiel [and 'Mandala'] - [Amsterdam] - Maart 1987 - Original work in ring binder - 42,5 x 32 cm.

Conditon: Good - SIGNED and dated by the artist.

Two original artworks by Dutch poet Simon Vinkenoog (1928-2009) in a Gelro spiral bound drawing pad: 1. A 'mandala', executed in pencil, Indian ink and tipp-ex; 2. a 'Medicine wheel' with the Yin Yang symbol (black marker, green and red pen / pencil) in the middle, signed.

We will leave this book intact but each of the works could be framed on its own, especially the black and white mandala is a powerful and attractive magical image.

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