Voltaire - Henrik de Groote

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Voltaire - Henrik de Groote: Uit de Fransche Heldenvaerzen van den Heere De Voltaire in Nederduitsche Dichtmaat overgebragt onder de Zinspreuk Studio Fovetur Ingenium - Te Amsteldam - By A. Slaats, T. Bliek, en P. Meyer, Boekverkoopers - 1753 - 1st edition - xxvi, [32], 270 pp. - Hardcover - 17,5 x 22 cm.

Condition: Good, complete; book binding with general wear.

Dutch translation by Sybrand Feitama (1694-1758), of the Henriade (1723) by Voltaire (François-Marie Arouet, 1694-1778); a praise poem about King Henry IV of France (roi Henri IV 'le Grand' de France et de Navarre). Illustrated with title engraving by Cl. Duflos after a design by N. Verkolje. In the preliminary work a series of translations of praising earlier prefaces from French editions and a 'Brief [a letter about the Henriade] written by 'den heere Antonio Cocchi, aan de Geheimschryver van Staat [the Secret Secretary of State] in Florence'. In the back a 'Kort Begrip der Fransche Geschiedenissen' [= Brief Understanding of French Histories] and the Notes.

Since 2007, we know that Voltaire not only lived in the Netherlands, but that he was also fluent in the language. He may therefore also have been involved in the translation of his work. This is the first NL edition, bound in contemporary, simple blue hardcover book binding, with title in gold stamp on the spine.

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