Marga Minco - Geachte heer Aerts, [Original letter in typescript]

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Marga Minco - Geachte heer Aerts, [Typoscript letter] - Amsterdam - 1992 – 1 sheet - 21 x 29,5 cm.

Condition: Good - SIGNED and dated '14 May 1992 '.

Typed letter from Marga Minco (1920-) to journalist Wim Aerts with letterhead in blue (printed from the Romanée type - information courtesy of Paul Snijders). Signed 'Met beste groeten, gaarne (signature)' and dated '14 mei 1992 '.

¶ The 25 lines of text are about the drawings in Het bittere kruid (Bitter Herbs); that these were made by the Groningen glass painter / designer Herman Dijkstra (1904-1976), that they were used in the 'Ooievaar' pocketbooks from the 1st-12th edition and that the illustrations were included in the Penguin edition of Bitter Herbs. Also about the edition and various printings.

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