Fred Hazelhoff - Natuurlijk Nederland

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Fred Hazelhoff - Natuurlijk Nederland - Kampen - La Rivière & Voorhoeve - 1991 - 1st edition - 160 pp - Cloth binding with dust jacket - 23,5 x 29 cm. - Design: Erik Uitenbogaard.

Condition: Excellent - with autograph of Fred Hazelhoff. See below.

Photobook with a reflection of the various landscapes, forests, trees and nature in the Netherlands and the animal inhabitants: birds and birds of prey, wild boars, geese, deer, foxes and wild horses (tarpans in the Oostvaardersplassen). Superb colour photography. With foreword by Frans Buissink (associated with the magazine Grasduinen). Hardback edition.

This copy is SIGNED by the photographer with handwritten dedication to nature draftsman Kees de Kiefte (1935-2000). Signed work by Hazelhoff is rare.

¶ "Frank Frederik Hazelhoff (1925-2002) was one of the most influential Dutch nature photographers. He is considered the nestor and founder of modern nature photography in the Netherlands. His great love were red deer and other big game, but he turned to landscape photography as a specialty later on" - Wikipedia.

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