Henk Kuijpers - Franka : De tanden van de draak [Luxe gebonden editie]

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Henk Kuijpers - Franka : De tanden van de draak [Deluxe hardcover edition] -Haarlem - Oberon BV - 1986 - 1st edition - [16], 48, 48pp - Cloth binding - 22 x 29 cm.
Condition: Good - This is No. 270; hand numbered and signed by the artist + original drawing of Franka with a baby in her arms and dedication 'voor Daan'.
Comic book with a deluxe edition of Franka's two-part adventure. Parts 1 and 2[= Nr. 7. De tanden van de draak & Nr. 8. De ondergang van de donderdraak]. Also includes 14 uncolored pages with drawings, sketches and photos as 'making of' documentation. Matla FRANF 8.7 V6a. Bound in blue linen binding. Edition: 1000 copies, numbered and signed by Henk Kuijpers.
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