[Anonymous] - Flossie. Maanduitgave Nr. 18

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[Anonymous] - Flossie. Maanduitgave Nr. 18 - Rotterdam / Dordrecht - Private Press / Uitgeverij Vector - [1970] - 1st edition - [52] pp - Stapled wrappers - 15 x 21 cm.

Condition: Good.

Dutch vintage sex booklet from the time when 'composition' just didn't matter so much on covers. Illustrated with black and white photographs and a colour centerfold. With pornographic stories and personals. Selling price was Fl. 3,- Not present in the public collections (NCC).

¶ Publisher Vector (later De Vaar) was founded by Abraham Abspoel (the brother of the public prosecutor who was trying to ban pornography). In the preface, the editors sneer at competing magazines such as "zo'n super seksloos blad als De Lach" or the "grote Candy van Peer Mullens met gekuiste advertenties."

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