F.B. Hotz - Het werk

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F.B. Hotz - Het werk - Amsterdam / Antwerpen - Uitgeverij De Arbeiderspers - 1997 - 1st edition - 2 parts - [792]; [576] pp - Cloth bindings with dust jacket in box - 13 x 21 cm. - Design: Wim Mol.

Condition: Good set - COMPLETE.

The collected works of the Dutch writer / jazz musician Frits Bernard Hotz (1922-2000). With justification. Text typeset from the Janson letter and printed on 70 grams thin print paper. Typography: Wim Mol. Bound edition in slipcase. Contains: Dood weermiddel, Ernstvuurwerk, Proefspel, Duistere jaren, Eb en vloed, De voetnoot, De vertekening, De vertegenwoordigers, various short stories and the essays Mondriaans grammofoonplaten, Twee foto's and Over Tobias.

F.B. Hotz married in 1956, but this marriage was dissolved in 1964. Hotz's ex-wife remarried his best friend, the trumpet player Serein Pfeiffer. In 1970 she stabbed Pfeiffer to death in a fit of madness. Hotz 'biographer Aleid Truijens calls this traumatic event his "primal story". Because of this and his increasing blindness, he developed more and more into a withdrawn man, who rarely left his house in Oegstgeest.

¶ Added: Aleid Truijens 'De God van Hotz en de P.C. Hooftprijs' (with Jury-report; 32 pp - Stapled wrappers) PLUS Newspaper clippings with 1. column 'Ice cream' about Hotz by Frits Abrahams (7 Dec 2000); 2. NRC In memoriam (6-12-2000) by Maarten 't Hart; 3. the obituary for Hotz and 4. an announcement FROM Hotz due to the death of his 'dear friend Henny Dijkstra-Van der Baan' (1999).

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