Jules Deelder - Euforismen

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J.A. Deelder - Euforismen - Amsterdam - Uitgeverij De Bezige Bij - 1991 - 1st edition - 68 pp - Hardcover - 11,5 x 17 cm.

Condition: Excellent.

Euforismen ["Euphorisms"], the bundle of brilliant short quotes and aphorisms by Rotterdam "night mayor" Jules Deelder (1944-2019) with classic quotes such as: "Wie zwijgt zegt niets" [Who is silent says nothing] and "Hoe langer je leeft hoe korter het duurt" [The longer one lives, the shorter it takes]. Text in Dutch.

¶ Edition: 250 copies, NUMBERED AND SIGNED in the colophon with the famous monogram of the great poet. As common as the regular edition is (at least 4 reprints were published the same year), the bound bibliophile edition is extremely rare. In contrast to the softcover, this hardcover has a frontispiece with a different author's photo (photographer not mentioned but probably Annemarie Fok, the author's wife). 

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