Cornelia Homburg - De schatten van Van Gogh

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Cornelia Homburg - De schatten van Van Gogh - Utrecht / Antwerpen - Kosmos Uitgevers - 2007 - 1e druk - 72 pp. - Hardcover in box - 31 x 31,5 cm. - Vormg.: Leon van Loon / Zuidzeven

Condition: Good - complete with all enclosures.

Cool album full of documentation and loose memorabilia in facsimile; letters, postcards, photos, old 19th century map of Paris, a decorated menu and even the registration in the birth register of the great painter Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890). Everything printed in full color on glossy paper. With bibliography and index.

¶ Dutch translation of Treasures of Van Gogh (2007). It must have been an unprecedented effort to compile this book. A lot has been published about Van Gogh, but this is surely the most fun edition ever made about the painter.

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