C.F. van Maanen - Crimineel Wetboek voor het Koningrijk Holland

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C.F. van Maanen -Crimineel Wetboek voor het Koningrijk Holland - [Den Haag] - Ter Koninklijke Staatsdrukkerij - 1809 - 1st edition - 78, [iv] pp - Paper wrappers - 13 x 22 cm.

Condition: Good.

Rare legal pamphlet from the time of King Louis Napoleon Bonaparte (1778-1846) stating punishments for various defined crimes. With index. C.F. van Maanen was the Minister of Justice and Police during the French reign in the Netherlands.

¶ The jurisprudence was quite harsh in the beginning of the 19th century; One could get nosed for murder, banned for abortion and for theft you were imprisoned for years. White collar crime (falsehood and deceit) was punished with branding, while 'koppelarij' (incitement to prostitution) was punished with a whipping. But thankfully you were innocent until proven guilty to the contrary, according to Article 359: "Niemand kan wegens misdaad of overtreding veroordeeld worden, ten zij duidelijk blijke, dat het bedrijf het welk hem wordt toegerekend, waarlijk heeft plaats gehad".

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