Carel Beke - Pim Pandoer en het spook van Sonsbeek

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Carel Beke - Pim Pandoer en het spook van Sonsbeek - 's-Hertogenbosch - L.C.G. Malmberg - [1960] - 1st edition - 160 pp - Half cloth binding with dust jacket - 16,5 x 24,5 cm.

Condition: Good - Top edges of binding scraped.

Children's book from the 1960s, situated in the Arnhem city park Sonsbeek. Illustrated by Frans Lammers (1911-1966) who also designed the dust jacket. Part 10 of the Pim Pandoer children's book series. Hardcover first edition.

¶ The writer Carel Beke (1913-2007) moved to Arnhem in 1944, from where he already had to evacuate in September of that year because of the battle for the Rhine bridge. After a wanderings across the Veluwe, he ended up in Putten where exactly two days later, during the raid of Putten at night, the entire male population of that village was taken away by the Germans. Beke escaped this reprisal because he was too ill and one apparently did not feel like dragging him. In 1947 he made his debut with De avonturen van Niekie Niemand, which he had already written in 1940. Carel Beke is buried at Moscowa cemetery, near Sonsbeek Park.

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