F.B. Hotz - Beste Theo [Sontrop],

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F.B. Hotz - "Beste Theo [Sontrop],": [Original handwritten letter] - Oegstgeest - 1986 - Manuscript - 1 sheet - 21 x 25,5 cm.

Condition: Good - signed 'Frits H.' and dated "22-4-'86"

Note from the Dutch jazz trombonist and writer Frits Bernard Hotz (1922-2000) to publisher Theo Sontrop (1931-2017). One sheet of lined notepad. Only recto. Date, salutation, five lines of text and signature. ¶ A letter to accompany a manuscript (De ontbijtzaal - not included here) for which an uncertain Hotz needs the opinion of Sontrop because "Zelf twijfel ik aan alles" [= I myself doubt everything].

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