Marga Minco - Beste Nico [Wijnen],

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Marga Minco - Beste Nico [Wijnen], - [Original handwritten letter A.L.S.] - [Amsterdam] - 1957 – 1 sheet - 13,5 x 20 cm.

Condition: Good - SIGNED and dated 'A'dam 21-4' 57 '.

Handwritten note by Marga Minco (1920-), signed 'Marga' and at the bottom 'M. Voeten' (the surname of her husband, the poet Bert Voeten (1918-1992) and the Amsterdam address at Oosterpark.

¶ One notepad A5 sheet with 7 lines of text, addressed to Nico Wijnen, who organized an evening with Marga Minco on May 3, 1957. The almost-debuted writer asks if he would like to send an invitation for two people to Sieto Hoving in Amsterdam. Het bittere kruid (Bitter herbs) appeared in May 1957, after a pre-publication had been published a year earlier in Maatstaf magazine.

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