A.S. Stempher - Arnhem dubbel en dwars te kijk

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A.S. Stempher - Arnhem dubbel en dwars te kijk - Arnhem - Roos en Roos / Gemeentearchief - [1996] - 1st edition - Cloth binding - 60 x 25,5 cm. (Oblong) - Design: Nico Meeuwsen

Condition: Good - COMPLETE with introduction sheet (with some rust spots) from the publisher. Collector's item. Added is a newspaper cutting with article about this book.

Large format photobook of Arnhem with old circulin photos, dating from about 1933 depicting street scenes next to modern panoramic photos (by Rinus van Schie) from the same angle; the Market, the ship bridge, the Rhine bridge, Lauwersgracht, Velperplein, Janssingels, Willemsplein, Groot Warnsborn, Sonsbeek, Hospital, Geitenkamp, Bronbeek, AKU and ENKA. With preface by P.R.A. from Iddekinge.

¶ Well designed linen portfolio with 'screw binding'. Contains informative text about the technique of panoramas and the old cameras that were used for it. The photos from around 1995 are now also nostalgically dated with the older models of trolleybuses, the cars and the shops of disappeared companies.

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