Anna Achmatova - Avond. Vertaling Hans Boland

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Anna Achmatova - Avond. Vertaling Hans Boland - Utrecht - Stichting De Roos - 2017 - 1st edition - 128 pp - Hardcover - 15 x 24 cm. - Design: Michaël Snitker

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Dutch translation of Вечер (1912). Illustrated with black and white photos of glass negatives from St. Petersburg. Text (Dutch and Russian) set from the Kazimir Text and printed on 120 grams Curious Metallics 100% Recycled Ice Silver paper. Hardback edition: 175 numbered copies.

¶ With introduction by Michaïl Kuzmin and alphabetical list of poems. Вечер ['Evening'], the debut of the Russian poet Anna Akhmatova (1889-1966) was never been published in full in Dutch before. The translation is based on a later edition corrected by Akhmatova herself.

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