Album van Arnhem en omstreken

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[Anonymous] - Album van Arnhem en omstreken - Rotterdam - D. Bolle - [1873] - 1st edition - [62] pp - Cloth binding - 29,5 x 21 cm. (Oblong)

Condition: Good - COMPLETE. Restored by master bookbinder Hans Zegveld from Nijmegen. A restoration report is included.

Antiquarian, 19th century picturebook with 12 chromolithographs (lithographs in COLOUR) depicting Arnhem cityscapes and views from the surrounding area, executed by Emrik & Binger from Haarlem. Each print is provided with extensive topographical information. Hardback edition in full linen binding with gold stamped title on the cover.

¶ The book contains images of: Kasteel Doorwerth, De Duno, slot Biljoen in Velp, Bronbeek, De Louwersgracht, De Steenen Tafel (on Klarenbeek estate), (The 'witte villa' in) Sonsbeek (Park), De Oorsprong (in Oosterbeek), Huis Zijpendal, Beekhuizen, Kasteel Rosendael in Rozendaal and music hall Musis-Sacrum.

Rare collectors item: over time these types of albums were often scrapped by dealers to sell the views individually.

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