Adriaan van Dis - Palmwijn

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Adriaan van Dis - Palmwijn - Amsterdam - Stichting CPNB - 1996 - 1st edition - [96] pp - Paperback - 12 x 19 cm. - Design: Zeno

Condition: Good - SIGNED and stamped by the author. Spine slightly discolored.

Boekenweekgeschenk 1996 - a novella by the Dutch writer Adriaan van Dis (1946-). Cover illustration: The Partnership. Author's photo: Adrie Mouthaan. Cf. Blom p. 48-50.

¶ Palmwijn (a hallucinatory drink) was very popular; despite the circulation of 643,000 copies, the booklet was no longer available in many bookstores before the end of the Boekenweek. Note: Only copies of the 'boekenweekgeschenken' that were signed during the Book Week, received a special stamp of a palm tree along with the signature.

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