Frank Keverling Buisman Geschiedenis van Arnhem

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Frank Keverling Buisman [e.a., red.] - Geschiedenis van Arnhem - Utrecht - Uitgeverij Matrijs - 2004-2009 - 1st edition - 3 volumes - 352; 400; 400pp - Cloth bindings with dust jacket - 23 x 28,5 cm. - Design: Studio Angela Damen.

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Three-volume monograph with history of the Gelderland capital from ca 8800 BC. up to the year 2000: 1: Arnhem tot 1700 (2008); 2. Arnhem van 1700 tot 1900 (2009); 3. Arnhem in de twintigste eeuw (2004). Illustrated with photos and reproductions in colour and black and white. Each part with bibliography and index.

Bound edition of this final standard work.

¶ Contributions by Jeroen Benders, Ton Schulte, Ronald Wientjens, Ingrid Jacobs, Jan Vredenberg, Martin H. van Meurs, W.H. Lavooij, P. Dijkerman and A.M. van der Woude on the earliest town development, justice in the Middle Ages, churches, religion, politics, education in the 19th century, urban development, population growth, World War II, tourism, sport (Vitesse), the Garrison, traffic and public transport (trolley buses, the Herman Brood bus) etc.

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