Kees Crone - Burgemeesterswijk Bewonderd. Een Arnhemse buurt in beeld

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Kees Crone & Edzard Gelderman - Burgemeesterswijk Bewonderd. Een Arnhemse buurt in beeld - Arnhem - Wijkvereniging Burgemeesterskwartier - 2005 - 1st edition - 288pp - Cloth binding with wrap-around band - 16,5 x 30 cm. - Design: Géraldine Lodders.

Condition: As new - Complete with wrap-around band 'Jubileumboek' [= Jubilee book].

Beautiful memorial book with overview of monumental buildings, facades, trees and works of art in one of the most attractive city districts in Arnhem, opposite Sonsbeek Park. Illustrated with photos of the buildings (by Rudolf Jekel) in colour. With a list of street signs, professions and names of residents. Oblong format.

¶ The Burgermeesterswijk (also known as the Burgemeesterskwartier) was largely built at the beginning of the 20th century. Most streets in the district are named after Arnhem mayors and aldermen (i.a. Bouriciusstraat, Brantsenstraat, Burgemeestersplein, Jollesstraat, Van Lawick van Pabststraat, Van Nispenstraat, Van Pallandtstraat and Röellstraat). The district is bordered by the streets Zijpendaalseweg, Amsterdamseweg, Bakenbergseweg and Izaak Evertslaan.

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